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Simple Ways To help With Allergies This Spring

Before you know it, the bees will buzz, and the flowers will bloom, and our eyes will be as red and scratchy as a blooming rose. Springtime allergies are very annoying, and you must handle them intelligently to mitigate their symptoms. At Cedar Crest ENT, we promote general wellness and want to encourage you to find soothing relief this spring.

Honey –
There isn’t much scientific proof to back up the old notion of local honey being a cure for local allergies. Honey, however, mixed with a delicious herbal tea is a wonderful throat relief any time of year. Perhaps this effective combo brought on this misconception in the first place? Local or not, honey is a go-to for throat discomfort.

Onions –
Be sure to look for food rich in antihistamines. An antihistamine abundant amongst many produce items is quercetin. The red onion is a chief supplier of this natural antihistamine. Onions go great on tacos, in soups, and sauces. Fit this tasty veggie into your diet and you will soon taste sweet relief.


Steam –
Spas, saunas, showers, a pot of boiling water, or a cup of tea? Any of these can help to relieve congestion symptoms. It is a fairly extreme measure but is effective and repeatable as needed.

Quality air purification –
Seasonal allergies haunt many Americans, and with extra time spent indoors through 2020, allergies can now haunt us all year long. Quality air purification coupled with a proper diet can reduce many allergy symptoms.

Ent –
After the home remedies have failed and you need relief, the best course of action is to go to your Ear, Nose, & Throat doctor. As much as at-home treatment can help you with certain symptoms, the special care you will receive from an ENT will be the most effective course of action.
Relief is not always easy to come by, so when something works we stick with it. Hopefully, some of these tips help you find that relief. Keeping a positive quality of life is essential right now. With our help, we believe you will find the comfort you have been looking for. Your health is important to us, and we are ready to help you deal with every one of your allergy issues. We hope this blog helps you to leave a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, if you have any questions please call or visit today!

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