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Signs Your Hearing Aid Needs To Be Replaced

Hearing aids are an essential part of day-to-day life for some individuals. These tiny devices allow people who are hard of hearing to enjoy their daily life. With proper care, hearing aids can last quite awhile, however, there are times when they break down or need more than basic maintenance. Here are some signs that your hearing aids might need to be looked at or possibly replaced.

Defects on the Device: If the hearing aid has been dropped, stepped on, small cracks have developed, or other physical defects have formed on the device, it might cause it to stop working. The devices are very tiny with tiny parts inside. Connections can be lost if there’s damage present.


An Annoying Whistle: No hearing aid is the same. They are fitting to the individual person, to ensure the hearing aid can do its job. If the hearing aid isn’t sitting properly in the ear a whistling sound can happen with movement, or be a persistent part of the day. Your ears might have a wax buildup causing the hearing aid’s displacement, or it might not have been fitted properly. In the case of children, their ears might have outgrown the original hearing aid.


Harder Hearing: A hearing aid is supposed to help you hear everyday hearing, enhancing the sound to the decibel you need. It can be quite discouraging if you’re having trouble hearing even with your hearing aid. If you’re finding that you’re having trouble with hearing, you may need to replace the battery, or the device itself may be malfunctioning.


The Volume Fluctuates: Normal volume change is part of everyday life but when the volume fluctuates constantly during a conversation, a movie, etc. there’s a chance something is going on with your hearing aid.


Persistent Problems: With recurrent or persistent issues the battery might be on it’s way out. After a fresh battery has been installed, the issues should fix themselves. If they don’t, there might be an issue with the hearing aid itself that needs to get checked out.


The Hearing Aid Flat Out Dies: Sometimes the hearing aid itself just stops working. No matter how many batteries you go through, it won’t turn back on. This is the time to take it to your audiologist to get it professionally fixed or fitted for a new one.

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