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Seasonal Allergies In Pregnancy

The best part of knowing the spring season is just around the corner is the knowledge that the winter cold and blustery weather will soon be behind us. There is a wonderful sense of renewal and rejuvenation during spring. Pregnant during spring is normally the ideal time comfort wise; it’s not too hot or too cold outside.

Pregnancy Congestion vs Allergies

Pregnancy is a time you will experience things you have never experienced before and allergies are certainly one of them. Bear in mind, there is a common pregnancy condition called pregnancy rhinitis (congestion) where it is normal to experience some nasal congestion; but there is a difference.

Approximately twenty-five percent of expectant mothers experience allergies; many of which have never experienced allergies before. If you are an allergy sufferer, there is always some wariness about the onset of spring, pregnancy may make them worse and sometimes better…but if you never experienced seasonal allergies/hay fever before, it can come as a real surprise.

If your congession is not accompanied by itchy eyes, sneezing and coughing, it may just be the hormone-related pregnancy congestion. Speak with your doctor, if you aren’t sure or are clearly suffering from allergies.

Do not take any previously prescribed medicines or over the counter allergy medicines, including nasal sprays, until you check with your doctor to see what is a safe allergy treatment for you. 

Natural remedies to relieve symptoms 

Be proactive and don’t wait until the symptoms become unbearable. Make an appointment with your doctor today your watery, itchy eyes and runny nose. Allergy testing can help determine whether the symptom of concern is caused by an allergy. Our trained staff performs testing and diagnosis in a comfortable environment.

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